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Since 1999, pratik management productivity systems, a Mumbai – based management consultancy & training organisation had been imparting training and implementation assistance in 5S to various companies, as part of its overall offering of World Class Mfg Practices encompassing 5S, TPM, JIT, SMED..

In 2005, it decided to set up a dedicated Institute for this purpose which would provide training and consultancy inputs in 5S.

Established as the “5S Institute of India”, in January 2005, it was not only the first such Institute in India, it was also the first Institute in the world for 5S Training & Consultancy. Subsequently, it has been re-christened as “The 5S Institute”, in 2008.

While 5S, as a topic, is covered by many other institutes & institutions, (e.g. The Kaizen Institute, various TPM / TQM Facilitators / Consulting Organisations) there is no other body dedicated to 5S training/consultancy. It continues to remain the only 5S Institute / Institution till date.

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